RSA Certificate Manager - Overview

PKI Implementation

Implementing a PKI solution can be a complex process which requires proper analysis, planning and design. Apart from the technical aspects, there are many policy, process and legal considerations that must be addressed. We have successfully designed and deployed solutions based on every version of RSA Certificate Manager (formerly RSA Keon) from version 4.5 to the most recent 6.8. Protection of the CA private key is of paramount importance in a PKI and we have experience of integrating various Hardware Security Modules in to an# RSA Certificate Manager deployment.

Custom Registration

Implementing a Certificate Authority normally requires some customisation in order for it to be useful. RSA Certificate Manager provides a number of mechanisms for customisations, be it the XParse markup language or the Xuda 'C'-based API, either of which can be used to extend the standard functionality. Bluewater Solutions has successfully implemented a number of custom registration authorities ranging from a bulk certificate issuance engine to a user self service web application integrated in to the client's existing IdM system.

Custom Client Applications/Integrations

Client applications that are to make use of a PKI implementation can sometimes require some form of customisation. Our consultants have successfully developed applications and plugins using standard cryptographic toolkits to fulfil a wide range of requirements such as applying digital signatures to documents and performing CRL and/or OCSP checks in web proxy servers.

EU Tachograph

Our consultants have assisted organisations in integrating the RSA KCA Tachograph product in several European countries. Based on RSA Certificate Manager, the RSA KCA Tachograph issues and manages the non-X.509 certificates used in EU Tachograph compliant solutions.